Sunday, December 20, 2009

....Monte Carlo 2010....

Here is the list of numbers in the competition that will take part in the impending, edition of the Festival:

Alain Alegria - trapezio washington Alain Alegria - trapeze washington

Julien Posada - filo teso Julien Posada - tightrope

Rob Torres - riprese comiche Rob Torres - shooting comic

Troupe Zulu - salti a terra Troupe Zulu - jump to the ground

Les Garcia - missile aereo Les Garcia - air missile

Martin Lacey - leoni e rinoceronte Martin Lacey - lions and rhinos

Natalia Hertz - trapezino Natalia Hertz - trapezino

Salima Peippo - hoola hop Salima Peippo - Hoola hop

Flying Michaels - trapezio volante Flying Michaels - flying trapeze

Duo Stykan - mano a mano Duo Stykan - hand in hand

Court Circuit - comicità Circuit Court - Comedians

Troupe Yakubovi - cinghie aeree Troupe Yakubovi - Aerial straps

Eshimbekov - cosacchi a cavallo Eshimbekov - Cossacks riding

The Blue Sky Girls The Blue Sky Girls

Alegria (Cirque du Soleil) - Barra Russa Alegria (Cirque du Soleil) - Russian Bar

Troupe de Hangzou - pertiche Troupe de Hangzou - poles

Starbugs - comicità Starbugs - Comedians

Glen Nicolodi - verticali Glen Nicolodi - Vertical

Troupe de Shandong - giochi icariani Troupe de Shandong - Icarian Games

Troupe Zebras - acrobatica in banchina Zebras Troupe - Acrobatic Quayside

Sonni Frankello - elefanti africani Sleeps Frankello - African elephants

Les Rossyanns - clown musicali Les Rossyanns - clown music

Petra et Roland Duss - otarie Petra et Roland Duss - sea lions

Andrejs Fjodorovs - volatili Andrejs Fjodorovs - birds

Troupe Chernievsky - bascule Troupe Chernievsky - bascule

Acro Trio - verticali Acro Trio - Vertical