Sunday, December 20, 2009

....Circus Togni..News 12-19-09....

(orignal story in Italian)

Born a penguin in captivity 'during a trip by boat

Weighs only 600 grams.The happy event in Sardinia, was traveling with the circus Togni

CAGLIARI - E 'success last night after a turbulent journey by ship between Naples and Cagliari, with a temperature just above zero, which led the event in Sardinia circus Christmas performances by Lidia Togni and artists from the Moscow Circus on ice. "The penguin's fine - says Vinicio Togni - E 'small, is in one hand and weighs 600 grams, a stuffed animal is all about if they have fallen in love. And' one of the very few cases in the world of captive breeding, the first in Italy - said Togni - a sign that the animals are well and enjoying excellent health. Tonight, then, with a temperature of 1-2 degrees, there was the right climate for the birth. When the light is a party animal great for us in the circus - emphasizes Togni - E 'as the birth of a child makes us all happy and it is a good omen. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad Jody Plousette have already begun to play with their small children on board the two swimming pools where the penguins like to stay in the course of their day. "We want the name to the newborn is given by the school children of Cagliari - concluded Vinicio Togni - through a drawing, a simple email or a package left by us to the circus. This will take around the world, even a piece of Sardinia .

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