Monday, September 19, 2011

..Ringling's Gold Unit..Zing,Zang,Zoom..

..Went yesterday to Portland and caught this show..I've heard and read lots of reviews of the Ringling shows..Mostly they gripe about the no ring curbs, sweat clothes being used for wardrobe and the endless pitches..I saw none of this on the Gold Unit..It was a tight run show with some really good acts and some that outright impressed me..
..I didn't get to see the pre-show and missed some of the first half..First thing is they have a ringcurb, LOL, and most impressive is they have a LIVE Band..Mayya Panfilov presents a 'cat act' with house cats..I can't even get my kitty to stop pooping on my floor, let alone get him to do a trick..My grandson's Andrew favorite, hands down was the ninja guys, as he called them..The did some feats with a rod thingy, bending it around their neck,ect. The ended with a jump through the flaming,sword lined hoop, blindfolded..Honestly all I could think about was Satonie Demone, it even looked like his old props..Only they didn't do any 'circus' stuff..This act, although loved by every little boy in the building, in my opinoin didn't belong in a circus..Of course my favorite was the elephants, presented by Brett and Cathy (Hanneford) Carden..Professional all the way, their wardrobe was top-notch, their animals healthy and well taken care of and their presentation in the ring first class..Cathy also works her horses and camels, but I missed them..I did however see her present this act on Jordan earlier this spring along with her dog act ( which I liked better then the one I saw on Saturday.)
..The bar act and tetterboard are the same troup..They do alot of dancing around the ring in both acts, which I expect is to fill in the time and cover the fact that they don't do a whole lot of tricks..And when the dude put on a mechanic to do the chair, they lost me..The two women that do the hair hang were fantastic..And the globe, another favorite of Andrew's was to my surprise the Urias Family..Hadn't seen them since the 1970's..Now maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I like a Ringmaster that at least looks like one ( Lucky, Col. Thomas, Phil Chandler,ect.)..The cargo pants and t-shirt were a bit much, or not..LOL..Would it hurt so much to have him in at least black pants and a vest if he doesn't want the coat..And don't even get me started on the clowns..Don't clowns do gags anymore.? ( aside from Steve and Ryan on Kelly Miller.?
..Well that my "review"..Hope I did as well as Showbiz Dave..

P.S. The 'ringmaster' also butchered Jack Ryan's famous saying..They now say" May all your days be ringling bros and barnum and bailey circus days.??. WTF is that..


Unknown said...

..The funniest thing about the day was when the guy at the backyard gate said I had to have a ticket to get in..LOL..

Showbiz David said...


Enjoyed your review, Margaret. Don't know how much of the show is the same as when I went. No comment on the magic acts? The show when I saw it was fairly anchored in magic.