Wednesday, September 14, 2011

..My Visitors..Welcome..

..I have a map on the bottom of this page that allows me to track by city and country where this Blog's visitors are from and how many times they have been here..What actually amazes me is that I have somewhat of a following..( What really amazes me is that anyone reads it..LOL)..My visitors are from all over the world, some of them are 'first of mays', but most are repeat hits..I don't get alot of comments, but my blog isn't that kind, like Buckle's Blog and the infamous No Spin Zone, but that's okay with me..I'm just happy that someone out there in Internet land is enjoying the pictures I post and the Circus history that I'm trying to preserve and share..If you look on my blog list and cool sites you will find a few of my favorite places to go, but their are hundreds, if not thousands of Circus sites on the net to explore..So thanks for stopping by and if you feel inclined you can post a comment if you like, or not, anonymous's are always welcomed here..Margaret..


Tom Wilds said...

Thanks for your time, Tom

Don said...

You always have wonderful photos, Margaret.

Keep up the good work.

Don Covington

Harry Kingston said...

Yes, a wonderful job and the pictures are great and thanks for doing this for us fans that love the circus old and new.
Harry in Texas