Friday, April 17, 2009

Grandstand Performers From 1948-1965

Canadian National Exhibition

1948 Afternoon.... Hell Drivers

Evening.... Olsen and Johnson, Rosales Sisters, Astor, Adamsons, Three Barretts, Harvey Girls, Gautier’s Steeplechase, Hoaglin’s Push Ball on Horse Back, The Renes, English Juggling Jewels, Wilfred Mae Trio, California Queens, Hoaglin’s High Jumping Horses, Lott and Joe Anders, Boby Whaling & Yvette, Al. Castle & Co., Hoaglin’s High School Horses, Parker Brothers, Edward Brothers, Kay and Kay, Gaudsmith Brothers and their French Poodles, Hoaglin’s Roman Standing Races, Cimse Sensation, Zacchini’s Double Repeating Cannon, Hoaglin’s Chariot Races

1949 Afternoon.... “Circus” – Henry’s Trained Dogs, Plutocrats, Josh’s Monkeys, Marcus Troupe, Shirley Lavalle, Jean Dawn, Florence Hin Lowe, Smetona, Don Francesco, Robinson’s Elephants, Pia & Kitchen’s Menace Horse Act, Four Cantons, Sorelle Saltons & Co., Bradfords, Baranek Sisters, the Saranoffs Troupe, Kitchen’s Liberty Horse Act, Ferdinand the Bull, Von Schmidt’s “Tony,” Flying Dobritsch, Glen’s, Allaine and Allain, Peaches and her Aerial Sky Ballet

Evening.... Olsen and Johnson, Ernst Adams, Gloria Gilbert, Wallace Siebert, Marty May, Patricia Wells, CanAmerican Singers, June Johnson, Bill Hayes, Army, Navy and Air Force Drill Corp. and Band, Bell Singers, Halifax Junior Bengal Dancers, Palemberg’s Bears

1950 Afternoon.... Kirk Adams Dogs, English Cycling Victoria Troupe, Mike Telesco, The Chamberty’s, Sky Princess, Claire and Hudson, Johnny Welde and his Bears, Evers and Delores, Parker Brothers, Loof Rios, Wheels and the Four Fays, Amadoris, Rossi Troupe, Arsene Gautier and his Steeplechase, Lawrence Trio, The Ricardi Amandi Troupe, Three Aerial Downies, Sam Linfield & his Crazy Scouts, The Zoppe Zavatta Troupe

Hell Drivers

Evening.... Danny Kaye, Polyna Stoska, the Rudells, Ted and Flo Valett, CNE Symphony Orchestra, Precision Drill by members of the Navy, Army and Air Force, CNE Dancing and Choral Ensemble, CNE Ballet Corps.

1951 Afternoon.... Sylvia’s Canines, Flying Otaris, Tucker Troupe, Gonzales Sisters and Canines, Billy Ward Flyers, Bruce Brothers, Irah Watkins and his Famous Chimps, Ira Millette and Penny, Lynn and Linda, Oldfield and Ware, La Foun Troupe, Alex and Galina, Pedro and Durand, Henry Robinson’s Baby Elephants, La Marettes, Eltons, Hollywood Sky Rockets, Dr. Cooper’s Horses


Evening.... Jimmy Durante, Regina Resnik, Blackburn Twins with Pam Cavan, Donald Dickson, Nirska, Eddie Jackson, The Dassies, Boy Foy, Lois and David Adams, CNE Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Ballet, Canadian Choral Ensemble, Precision Drill by Members of the Navy, Army and Air Force, CNE Ballet Corp., CNE Singing Ensemble, CNE Glee Club

1952 Afternoon.... Janet’s Circus, Torelli’s Circus, Nio Ye, La Blonde Reio, Winnie Colleano, Wong Brothers, Capt. Joe Hanson Jr. with The Baby Elephants, Ferdinand and Jerry, The Don Wallys, The Three Sidneys, Torelli’s Beautiful Black Liberty Horses, The Shanghai Twins, Oriental Wongs, The Fearless Stars, Aerial Winters, Jaqueline Hurley, Mia and Malti, The Six Tokayers, Leontimes, Allan and Co., R.C.M.P. Musical Ride, The Do-Si-Ettes.

Hell Drivers

“Canadiana” Tony Martin, Alan and Blanche Lund, Eric Christmas, Max Ferguson, The Keppos, Malvern Collegiate Precision Squad, C.N.E. Vocale Ensemble, C.N.E. Dance Ensemble, R.C.M.P. Musical Ride, The Seven Royal Ashtons, Celia Franca, Lois Smith, David Adams, C.N.E. Corps de Ballet, Toronto Reserve Naval Division, Harvey Stone, Lou Willis Jr., Evelyn Gould, The Canadettes.

1953.... “Canadiana” Victor Borge, Jimmy Shields, Darvis and Julia, Eric Christmas, Terry Dale, Billy O’Conner, Bernard Johnson, Boby Brnadt, Irene Apine, Myrt & Gert, Warren, Latona & Sparks, C.N.E. Singers, Dancers and Showgirls, Canadian Armed Forces Drill Squad, Boy Scouts of Canada.

1954 Early Show.... Scotty Wilson Band, Captain Eddy with his Comedy Car and Clown, Motorcycle Dispatch Rider Display Team, George Murray.

Afternoon.... “Roy Rogers’ Circus” – Roy Rogers and Trigger, Dale Evans and Buttermilk, Pat Brady with Nellybelle, The Sons of The Pioneers.

Evening.... Roy Rogers – Dale Evans Troupe, Trigger, Canadian Armed Forces Drill Squad, Motor Cycle Dispatch Rider Display Team, Howard Cable and the CNE Orchestra, Pat Henning, The Mathurins, Dean Brothers, Wells Brothers, Calgary Brothers, Captain Eddy, The Rudells, Mazonne-Abbot Dancers, Al Dault, Estelle Sloan, Nita & Pepi, The Four Bogdadis.

1955 Afternoon.... C.N.E. Orchestra, Canadian Army P-T Squad, Clara Bell, Les Orioles, Bob Top and Lauren, Aerial Barretts, Trombelli Troupe, Elas and Waldo, Lou Bogert, Flying White Horses, Watkins’ Chimpanzees, Francisco and Delores, Walt and Family, Willy, West and McGinty, Jacl Joyce and Camels, Wazzan Troupe, Skating Berrys, Hollywood Skyrockets, Leon Eleana, Lassie and Jimmie Rettig (1st week), The Four Lads (2nd week)

“Canadiana” Ed Sullivan, Marilyn Bell, Lassie (1st week), The Four Lads (2nd week), Canadian Army P-T Squad, The Wazzan Troupe, Bob Trop & Lauren, Walt & Family, Francisco & Dolores, Willy, West & McGinty, Donna Grescoe, Dave Broadfoot, Elsa and Waldo, Will Mahoney, Rosemary Burns, Four Step Brothers, Wally Koster, C.N.E. Singers & Dancers, The Canadettes.

1956 Afternoon.... “The Gene Autry Show” – Gene Autry, Annie Oakley, Barbara Bardo, The Cass County Boys, The Promenaders, Carl Cotner and His Melody Ranch Orchestra.

R.C.M.P. Musical Ride.

Evening.... Richard Hearne, Jean Wetzel, Bobby Wynters, Fred Barker, Three Deuces, Gaudsmith Brothers, Lola Dobritch, Three Merkys, The Goetschis, “Scampy”, Canadettes, Alan and Blanche Lund, Nirska, The Stuart Morgan Dancers, 2nd and 4th Battalions, Regiment of Canadian Guards, 1st and 2nd Battalions, Royal Highlanders of Canada (Black Watch), the 48th Highlanders of Canada.

1957.... “Canadiana” Bob Hope, Geoffrey Holder, D’Arco & Gee, Wally Koster, Shari McKim, Jo, Jae and Joni, The Alcettys, Martha Ann Bentley, Canadian Armed Forces Services P-T Team, the C.N.E. Vocal and Dance Ensemble, Training Command Band of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

1958.... “Canadiana” Danny Kaye, Lorraine Foreman, Larry Mann, The Hames Sisters, Lynn Randall, Kurt Frindt’s Morlidor Trio, The Nerveless Nocks, Tulara Lee, Norbu, The Three Wiles, The Zacchinis, Royal Canadian Signals Band, Canadian Tri-Service Drill Team, C.N.E. Orchestra, C.N.E. Singers, Dancers and Showgirls.

1959.... “Canadiana” George Gobel, Eric House, Lotana, Graham and Chadell, William Tabbert, Varel and Bailly with Les Chanteurs de Paris, Miller and Archer, Janik and Arnaut, Ming and Ling, Gino Donati, The Taylor Twins, Canadettes, C.N.E. Symphony Orchestra, C.N.E. Ballet Ensemble, C.N.E. Dancers.

1960.... “Canadiana” Phil Silvers, Victor Borge, Jon Vickers, Barbara Franklin, Bill Walker, The Hi-Lites, Rosemary Bailey, Walter Dane, Walh and Oldfield, Robert’s Leopards, Princess Tajana, The Hanneford Family, Howard Cable and the C.N.E. Orchestra, Serbian Dance Group, the Italian Canadian Singers, the Nirloda Dancers, the International Ballet, C.N.E. Singers and the Orchestra, Canadettes, Hanneford Horses.

1961.... “Canadiana” Canadian Symphony Orchestra, Peter Mews, Christine Wells & the Four Fays, The Lounsberry Sisters, George Hanneford Family, Joey Hollingsworth, Wally Dean, Victor Julian & his Pets, Ernestine Russell, R.C.M.P. Musical Ride, The Six Singing Canegans, Maureen Hill, Margo MacKinnon, Canadettes, The Metropolitan Toronto Police Units, Canadiana Dancers & Singers, Metropolitan Toronto Secondary School Students, Navy League of Canada Cadets, The Air Cadet League of Canada, The Therons.

1962.... “Canadiana” Teresa Stratas, Pepper Davis & Tony Reese, J. Frank Willis, The De John Sisters, Julie and Kay, Ken Boen and the New Gray Mare, Ann Marston, Canadettes Toronto Fire Department, Canadiana Dancers and Singers, The Royal Regiment of Canada, Bruce Webb, Margo MacKinnon, Doug Romaine, Eddie Collins, Jim Corey, Canadian Symphony Orchestra.

“Matinee Fun Fest”
The Three Stooges

1963.... “Canadiana” Robert Goulet, R.C.M.P. Musical Ride, Billy Van, Bill Walker, Ruth Walker, Canadiana Symphony Orchestra, Jack Durant, Taylor Twins, George Carl, Norbu, The Wazzans, The Three Bizzarro Brothers, Canadiana Singers and Dancers, The Canadettes.

“Matinee Fun Fest”
The Three Stooges, Norbu.

1964.... “Canadiana” Jack Carter, Carmel Quinn, Guy Marks, Eleanor Calbes, Allan Bruce, Bal Caron Trio, Rositi and Alberto, Les Tonelys, Mae Butler, Lupo Keawe, Olive Brown, Canadiana Symphony Orchestra, Nalalya Butko, Ken Steele, Canadiana Dancers and Singers, Bal Caron Trio, La Clique Alouette, Canadettes.

“Matinee Fun Fest”

Mickey Mouse and his 26 friends direct from Disneyland, Tarzan and

His Lions, The Great Wallendas.

1965.... “Sights and Sounds of the Sixties”

Bob Hope, Victor Borge, Francois Szony & Nancy Claire, The Womenfolk, Doug Crosley, The Hanneford Family, Debbie Lori Kaye, Wes Harrison, The Three Bragazzi, The Liverpool Set, Canadiana Dancers, Canadiana Symphony Orchestra, Canadiana Male Quartette, Toronto Fire Department, Canadettes.