Tuesday, February 14, 2012

..The Billboard..April 21, 1956..

..R-B Holds Firm in Face of Picketing..
..5 Performers Out; Business Slides But Attendance Drop Not Significant..

..New York..Business for the Ringling show was noticeably off but the show was proceeding on schedule this week, despite picketing by the two unions trying to organize its personnel: American Guild of Variety Artists and the AFL Teamsters.
..Despite the pickets and an unpredictable situation which saw several show people stay out of the Garden, then go back in, only five were among the missing thru last night. These are clowns Emmett Kelly, Otto Griebling and Felix Adler, baton twirler Billie Mahoney and announcer-vocalist Preston Lambert.
..Kelly has been in town but has not appeared at all, while Griebling and the others walked out since the opening. Both have several connections for work in and around New York in various phases of show business. Adlers wife Amelia, not an AGVA member has been clowning regularly. Lambert has work connections in the midwest and the announcing since his departure has been done by Doug Morris.
..Both the unions and the circus were claiming sucess in their dispute, but no other labor organizations have given tangible support as yet. Local 802, the musicans group has expressed "Sympathy" with AGVA but has not issued a call-out. Union show publicists were back at their Garden headquarters at mid-week after operating from the Hotel Paramount for one day.