Thursday, November 24, 2011

..Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll..


..As the sun breaks over the horizon and starts our day, millions of women will be putting the turkey in the oven (including me.) On this National Day of gluttony, I can't help but reflect on the mess our so-called, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave finds itself in..I'm not surprised, just confused..How can our elected officials behave this way..These people are supposed to be doing a job..If these people worked for me they would be fired, I hear and read that a hundred times a day..Oh wait, these people DO work for me, and you..We can make these elected officials either do their job or go home, it's called a vote..It's called the power of the recall..( Just ask Gov. Scott Walker how he feels this morning with the power of the people.)
     Our own Oregon Governor this week decided that the citizens vote to allow the death penalty in our state isn't what HE believes and therefore he won't allow it to be carried out..Excuse me..That law was already there when he took office, in fact it was used by this same Governor twice in his last term..I don't remember this problem coming up when Oregon voted for this man..Now that he is safely in office for his term, he does what he wants, not what the people whom elected him want him to do..Sound familiar.?
     Now the election cycle is about to start..Of course we have a year to go, but already they have started with their smear ads against each other..Our president, instead of doing his job in Washington is traveling around the country on his bus, trying to get elected again..I wish he would do the job he was already elected to do..And from the other side of the aisle we get people like Herman Cain, who makes himself look even more stupid every time he opens his mouth to speak..And our old friend Newt has surfaced again, his plan is to fire our school custodians and let the 9 year olds clean the schools..Well when Mr. Obama's children clean their school's bathrooms, then maybe I'll let my grandchildren do the same..
      At a Nascar race this week our First Lady was booed by the crowd, the President was mike checked at a speech by the 99%..Every debate has been picketed by Occupy..We see people by the thousands in the streets, marching for their freedom..We see our police departments dressed in riot gear lining our city streets, pepper spraying and beating our friends and neighbors ( with help from the Federal Government)..WTF is that all about..Meanwhile in Washington it's life as usual..They are back to lining their pockets and kissing the moneychangers asses..Nothing has changed, and they think nothing will..But I hear rumblings in the peanut gallery, the people are not happy..The people are realizing that the scales have tipped and they don't like it..They are rising up, taking to the streets,letting their voices be heard..I just hope those in Washington are listening while they still have the chance..The people will no longer be ignored..
     I'm thankful for the young people of this nation who will no longer be used by the 1% to fill their pockets and bank accounts with our money..I'm thankful that they have the guts to sleep in a tent in the cold and the rain, to march and risk arrest and worse for me, yes for me and for you..Wake up America and smell the corruption..Margaret..