Sunday, February 13, 2011

..Behind The Striped Curtain..

Wheel of Doom on exhibit at the Rothick Art Haus tonight in Anaheim.

- by Lauren Lloyd/Special to LAist

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for a night of striking artwork and bizarre attractions. Afraid of clowns? Do stay at home. They’ll be ever-present, hanging from the walls and possibly greeting you in person. Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim is hosting featured artist Michael White’s circus-themed group show, Behind the Striped Curtain tonight (Feb. 12), from 7-11 pm. Want to know what exists behind the curtain? Keep reading.

A brilliant collection of circus art, the show features 35 paintings by White plus works by about 21 other spectacular artists handpicked by Nick Rothweiler, Rothick’s Co-owner, and White. His work for this show is primarily acrylics on wood panels and was all freshly created within the last year. A couple sculptures from other artists will also be on display. “I’ve seen a good portion of the art that’s coming into this show, and it’s just mind-blowing. Every single thing I’ve seen so far is amazing,” says White, who is “overwhelmingly humbled and proud of this show.”

White is a perpetual circus, carnival and sideshow fanatic. His collection of circus music constantly loops in his head; he even named his daughter Calliope. “If you've seen The Simpsons episode where Homer has an epiphany about going to Krusty the Clown’s school, and everywhere he looks he hears circus music and sees everyone as clowns, that's pretty much me all the time,” he says.

Tonight's opening will be a true circus experience, bustling with carnival games and prizes, a snake charmer accompanied by a six-foot python, a bearded lady, a woman on stilts, face painting by Sara Haase, whose work is also in the show, cotton candy, popcorn and music by Brother Cecil. White’s clown may also make an appearance. Don’t forget to bring your charcoal and sketchbooks and partake in a free session of Dr. Sketchy’s Freak Show with Ringmaster Glenn Arthur. Complete with five circus-themed models, the session is sure to inspire.

It's a big night for the area in general, as it’s the first eve of Anaheim’s Art Crawl Experience of 2011. Doors of all galleries and The Muzeo Museum will remain open from 5-11pm. Live bands will take the stage. And don’t worry, plenty of food trucks will be serving up your favorite LA meals-on-wheels.

Witnessing White’s opening show this Saturday is a must, providing an “escape from the real world for a night,” he says. Behind the Striped Curtain is all out and over come March 5.

Rothick Art Haus

170 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim

Opening receptions: 7-11 pm

Open Sat. & Sun., 12-5 pm