Thursday, March 25, 2010

....Strange How People Would Scam For Fame....

It is the first time in its history of 46 years that Wildlife Photographer of the Year will not have a winner. The exhibition tour will take place without the winning entry.This untoward incident is the result of a scam to win the contest. Photographer Jose Luis Rodriguez had been awarded the first prize for his photograph of a wild wolf jumping over an obstacle.The judging panel had concluded that the subject of the photograph was a trained animal. Ms. Emerson from the office of Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has issued a statement that the judges had come to this conclusion after considerable evidence was presented to them. Specialist advice from wildlife photography experts was considered for the decision. Wolf experts have compared the winning photograph to the pictures of a tamed wolf living in a zoological park near Madrid. Experts agree that it is the same wolf.

A panel judge Mr. Carwardine issued a statement to the affect that the disqualification of Rodriguez would send out a strong message to other scammers. He has been banned from this competition for life.

This sure is a strange scam to earn worldwide fame. With the exposure of the scam the fame has now turned to notoriety and will definitely affect the future of Jose Luis Rodriguez.