Friday, August 21, 2009

....Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey 1949 Program....

Patrons are afforded more than an hour's time before the performance begins to leisurely visit the Mammoth Menagerie of rare animals, including world famous giant gorillas, Mr. and Mrs. Gargantua the Great.

Produced by John Ringling North. Staged by John Murray Anderson. Designed by Miles White. Musical composed by Henry Sullivan, lyrics by John Murray Anderson.
Pat Valdo, General Director
Richard Barstow, Choreography
Thomas Farrar, Art Director
Antoinette Concello, Aerial Director
Herman Rosse, Decor
Harry Thomas, Equestrian Director
Merle Evans, Musical Director
Sammy Grossman, Orchestrations
Don Orlando, Vocalist
Doug Morris, Lighting
Frank Thompson, Assistant to Mr. White

Display No. 1 - Man Killers, Trained but Untamed, Exhibit in Striped Fury and Shaggy Subjugation Their Educational Achievements.

Oamoo Dhotre's Black and Spotted Leopards, Pumas and Black Jaguars.

Claussen's Bears, "Bruins That Act Like Men" First Time in America.

Rudolph Mathies, Giant Royal Bengal Tigers

Display No. 2 - The Ringling Clowns — and Their Washing Machine. The Nuttiest Misplaced and Displaced Characters Ever Loosed From the Bedlam.

Display No. 3 - The Ugo Troupe, High Vaulting Leapers in Soaring Somersaults from Springboards over Massed Elephants.

Display No. 4 - The Outstanding Bareback Riders of the World Compete in a Star Spangled Equestrian Tourney.

The Riding Zoppes, with Cucciola the Midget Centaur.

The Justino Loyals, featuring Justino. Horse-to-horse Somersaulting.

The Riding Bostocks with Marion Seifert.

Display No. 5 - The Comedy Rage of Europe — Mimicry That Shook the Continent, Rattled the Iron Curtain and Eased the Strain on the Air Lift Heroes.

William Warner Company, Horizontal Bars.

Guti's Gorilla Parody, first time in America.

The Zavattas, Comedy Bounding Rope.

Display No. 6 - Imaginatively Conceived in Fantasy and Beauty, the Supreme New Pageant Spectacle "Birthdays." A Musical Horoscope in Which the Natal Days of Beloved Mother Goose Characters Are Merrily Celebrated in Fabulous Fancy and Rainbow Radiance.

Produced by John Ringling North; Staged by John Murray Anderson; Costumes Designed by Miles White; Special Music by Henry Sullivan; Choreography by Richard Barstow.

Display No. 7 - The Greatest Sensation of All Time — The Talk of Two Continents.

The Incredible Los Onas, Unbelievable Achievements Aloft.

The Debonair Unus, the Man Who Stands on His Forefinger.

Del Morals, in Amazing New-balancing Feats First Time in America.

Display No. 8 - The Chalk-faced Clown Family of "Little Sardinia" Defys Claustrophobia and Suffocation in an Automobile Ride to the Airport. The Droll Travelers of Ringlingville.

Display No. 9 - Three Matched Troupes of Superlatively Trained Liberty Horses Presented by World Famous Master Trainers.

Gena Lipkowska, Czeslan Mroczkowski, Andre Fox.

Display No. 10 - "The Girl in the Moon," an Indescribably Stunning Aerial Ballet. Introducing Europe's Premiere Ballerina of the Air. With Sixty Smiling Girls in Sixty Smiling Moons.

Kay Clarke of the World Famous Clarkonians.

Lovely Alma Piaia, "The French Falcon of Flight," first Time in America.

Jean Sleeter, of the Famous Flying Brontes.

Display No. 11 - Hold Your Hats. Folks! Here They Come Again! The Clowns — 100 — Count 'Em — 100. The Famous Funsters of the Greatest Show on Earth.

Display No. 12 - The Most Sensational and Thrilling Novelty Display of the Decade. Presenting the Venus and Adonis of the Andes.

The Grecian Joanidies, Unbelievable Juggling Feats on the Slack Wire.

Rola Rola Duo, Incomparable Artistry on the Rolling Globe.

Lola Dobritch, Toe Dancing Queen of the Tight Wire.

Display No. 13 - The Dynamic Juggling Genius — "The Nijinski of the Magic Globes."

The Asia Boys, Oriental Equilibrists.

Francis Brunn, the Greatest Juggler of the Ages. Greater than the Great Rastelli — and Ten Times Faster.

Franklin Astrid Duo, Equilibrists Unrivaled First Time in America.

Display No. 14 - The Greatest Actors in the World Back in the Three Big Show Rings, Where They Have Starred for 79 Years. The Elephants Supervised and Trained by Hugo Schmidt.

Display No. 15 - Lou Jacobs and His Midget Auto. The World's Smallest Automobile, Carrying the World's Funniest Clown, Is Serviced at the World's Smallest Filling Station in Calamity. Disorder, Complete Confusion and Befuddlement.

Display No. 16 - Internationally Renowned Aerial Stars, Defying Death in Spine-tingling Exploits.

The Three Margas Europe's Daredevil Darlings in High Aerial Volts. First Time in America. The Great Trisco.

The Mandos Sisters, Triumphant Novelty - Startling, Lofty Two-high, Foot Revolves. La Norma, First Time in America.

The Great Swanson, in Suicidal Plunges with His Neck in a Hangman's Noose. First Time in America. Ira Milette.

Display No. 17 - Magnificent New Panoramic Pageant — the Big Show's "Salute from the Saddle" to the Centennial of the California Gold Rush — "San Francisco." '49ers in an El Dorado Horse-fandango, Golden Gate Geared.

Claude Valois, France's Gracious Gift to the World of Stellar Dressage. Equestrianism on Her Wonder Horses.

Lilian Wittmack, Europe's Foremost Horsewoman in Dressage Expositions on Her Famous Arabian Steeds, First Time in America.

Cilly Feindt, World Famous Star of Dressage Horsemanship and Her Renowned European Lipsaner. Haute Ecole Equines.

Display No. 18 - Amusing Animal Comics in Drills, Drolleries and Incredible Accomplishments - a Gesture to Junior.

Patterson's Liberty Ponies, first Time in America.

Charles Peterson's World Famous Jockey Dogs Pyramiding on the Backs of Galloping Ponies. First Time in America.

Bostock's Erudite Mules.

Display No. 19 - The Clowns Are at it Again. On a Tidal Wave of Laughter. They Sail into Their Own Fun Jam with the Nuttiest Nonsense They Can Devise. The Clown Crazy Number.

Display No. 20 - All the World Loves the Flying Acts and to Many They Spell Circus. This Year Marks the Return to the Spotlight of the Greatest Girl Flier of All Time - Antoinette Concello, Only Girl in the World to Achieve a Triple Somersault to a Hand-to-hand Catch.

The Flying Artonys.

The Flying Concellos, Starring Antoinette Concello, "The Big Top Goddess of Flight.

The Flying Comets

Display No. 21 - Shades of Little Red School Houses! The Ringling Clowns Strike a Serious Note. They Must Exploit the Boon of Book Learnin'. Nothing Can Stop Them. Daisy-Chaining Through Barrages of Split Infinitives and Double Negatives. They Converge on the Circus Campus Solemnly as Educated Men. Scholars All - Bachelors of Buffoonery in "School Daze."

Display No. 22 - An Action Congress of the Champion Acrobatic Stars of Five Continents in Hurricane Tempo and Sky Rocket Voltage.

The 3 Acros; the Robenis; the Great Bokaros, First Time in America; the Boginos; the Romanos.

Display No. 23 - Matchless, Alone in Their High Hazardous Sphere on the Lofty Wire. The Famous Monarchs of Breath-taking, Hair-raising, Aerial Sensationalism.

The World Uenowned High Wire Alzanas, with Harold Alzana Who Skips Rope Where Angels Fear to Tread.

Display No. 24 - Spectacular, American, Magnificent Finale. Vibrant with Pageantry, Color, Beauty, Song and Patriotic Thrills. "The Glorious Fourth," with its Proud, Rousing, Heart Clutching Tableau "The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave." Dedicated to All the Free Peoples of the Earth and to Our President.