Friday, August 21, 2009

....Grinning fish is aquarium star....

Manchester Evening News

A STINGRAY with a smile is drawing attention after hatching with seven other rays at an aquarium.

The baby rays are just 12cm long and have a long way to grow before catching up with their three-foot parents.

The thornback rays hatched at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire Oaks, near Ellesmere Port after being moved into a separate display away from the main ray and shark tank.

Katy Seward, from Blue Planet, said: “We put them in a special nursery tank to ensure they were kept away from the attentions of the other occupants.”

Nick Derbyshire, Zoological Manager at the Aquarium, said that they had been very popular with visitors.

He said: “The face is very distinctive; some people have likened it to an alien or even The Last Human from Doctor Who.”
They share their nursery with a selection of baby British sharks and more eggs are due to hatch soon.


Adaline said...

Could they have gotten the wrong address? Maybe they were trying to send it to Ben Trumble?

Suspicious FedEx package contains live snakes

Saturday, August 22, 2009 5:44 PM CDT

Police said a suspicious package at a shipping store turned out to be a box of live boa constrictors. Fairfield Township police said they were called Tuesday after FedEx Office employees saw two pillowcases moving when they got curious and opened the parcel at a store about 20 miles north of Cincinnati.

Officer Justen McDade said he looked in one pillowcase, saw a snake and quickly tied the pillowcase closed. A reptile rescue group was contacted and took custody of the snakes.

A local man was listed on the shipping label, and the package was addressed to a man in Phoenix, Ariz. He's been told he may not get the snakes.

McDade said authorities are trying to verify if the sender had a license for shipping snakes. No charges have been filed.

Information from: The JournalNews of Hamilton