Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Circus Princess 2009

CircusPrincess is not your average circus. It’s a showcase where the world’s most talented female artists show off their most colorful and innovative skills while competing for the title of CircusPrincess 2009.

The first CircusPrincess competition was created by brothers Robert and Henry Bronett in 1995 as a tribute to all of the gifted women who had been kept in the shadows of the circus world. Their idea was to make it a one-time event, but the audience had other plans.

Thanks to overwhelming public demand, CircusPrincess became a highly anticipated annual competition until 2003. It has been seen on TV by over 70 million viewers worldwide. Princess Christina fru Magnusson has been the event’s official Chair of the Jury and lady-in-waiting. 2009’s lady-in-waiting is yet to be appointed. Throughout the years, winners have hailed from countries including Canada, France, Russia and China. For many, CircusPrincess was only the beginning of a successful international career.

A show like never beforeCircusPrincess 2009 will be different from its predecessors. The popularity of circus schools, together with modern techniques, has paved the way for a talented new generation of artists who dare to experiment and mix genres. And women have stepped to the forefront. All of this adds to our confidence that CircusPrincess 2009 will result a range of acts that blend motion, light and sound into an art form you never thought possible. This year, online registration will make it possible for more artists than ever to join the show. It will also increase our odds of finding the most talented artists in the world, wherever they are.

....Vote online....This year’s audience is invited see CircusPrincess in a whole new light. This time, you can follow the competition online, and watch videos of all the acts. Which performance was your favorite? Show your support and vote to send the People’s Favorite to the final in Stockholm, October 1st – 4th! On the final stage, the People’s Favorite will compete against the jury’s 13 nominees. Live, online and mobile voting will add to the suspense. Web videos will broadcast the performances to new viewers, and the winner will be announced at the competition’s Grand Finale. You, along with an international jury, as well as live and online audiences, will decide who will be crowned CircusPrincess 2009. A jury led by the CircusPrincess lady-in-waiting will include the Artistic Director, Mr. Kaiser, from the world-renowned Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

An evening for all the senses.As usual, Robert Bronett will be serving up more than just circus tricks. The performances will be presented in a scene pulled straight from A Thousand and One Nights. The arena, with 2,000 cozy seats, will be specially constructed for the CircusPrincess final and features a polished, black stage floor surrounded by marble and crystal. Here, you and your friends can enjoy a meal, raise a glass of champagne, and relax before the show among the unique circus portraits of photographer, Hans Gedda. Then you’ll take your seat, sit back, and help decide who will be named CircusPrincess 2009.

See the acts....Follow the link below to see and vote for the acts.

→ CircusPrincess 2009 on YouTube

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