Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alien Day's

....May 8, 1950 This is one of the most famous UFO pictures ever taken. Photographed by Paul Trent, and first witnessed by his wife. They were published in a local newspaper in McMinnville, Oregon shortly thereafter. Soon, the Trent photos were published in Life magazine edition of June 26, 1950. The rest is history. These photos have been deemed authentic for over 50 years.

The "Trent Farm" UFO event (May 11, 1950 Dayton, Oregon) is a well known case. Photos of the UFO witnesses Paul Trent and his wife saw that day can be found all over the internet and in many UFO books. It's a familiar case to anyone studying UFOs.

Living in Oregon,and just a few miles from where this happened( my husband grew up in Dayton and knows the Trent family.)I thought, as this is Alien Day's Weekend in McMinnville I'd post some info about it....

On May, 11 1950, in McMinnville, Oregon, Mrs. Trent was in her backyard feeding their rabbits when she noticed a strange object in the overcast sky. In a panic, she ran into the house and called to her husband who was in the kitchen grabbing a bite to eat. After hearing his wife excitedly describe the object, he quickly retrieved the family's camera and rushed out of the house to photograph the object. They later described the object as a flat metallic disk, "brightly metallic, silver or aluminum colored, with a touch of bronze". They estimated that the UFO had a width of 20 to 30 feet. The object moved towards them and was tilted at a slight angle. The Trent's indicated that it did not rotate but rather 'glided' through the air. The object made no noise and emitted no smoke and seemed to just hover there silently in the air.

Mr. Trent shot one photograph, wound the film, moved around a little to follow the right-to-left motion of the object, and shot the second photograph. After he shot the second photograph, the object tilted on its side (exposing its underside to Mr. Trent), and accelerated quickly, emitting a gust of wind, as it accelerated out of site. While Mr. Trent was taking the pictures, Mrs. Trent ran into the house to call her mother-in-law on the telephone. When she got not answer, she stepped back outside just in time to see the UFO "dimly vanishing towards the East". For several days afterwards, Mr. Trent continued to use the roll of film to take other pictures and had the film developed a couple of weeks later when he completed shooting the entire roll.

Annual Alien Invasion is a Springtime Favorite!
Downtown McMinnville is home to the second largest UFO celebration in the country and you don't want to miss the 10th Annual UFO Festival on May 15 & 16. Intriguing speakers, the wacky UFO parade through downtown on Saturday afternoon, an alien costume ball and a pet costume contest are just some of the planned events. Visit the Hotel Oregon website for the complete list of activities.

As this is the first parade of the season,Joseph has to work today..Aunt Beth is already in the shop spinning candy and putting it in her special"Alien" bags. Joseph still has to get up and find his t-shirt,and start loading the truck..Me, I'm just going to drive in later and enjoy the show..