Monday, January 12, 2009

....Bravo Showbiz David....

This is copied from Showbiz Davids blog....I happen to agree with him 100%..Some people who post on his and others blogs get down right NASTY if anyone disagrees with their point of view..They seem to think that they have a right to be rude, and somehow believe that theirs is the only opinion that matters, that if you disagree with what they say that your stupid..So BRAVO David, it's about time someone stood up for everyone's right to their own point of view, and the right to express it without being belittled and demeaned for having done so..Thank You..

Showbiz David,
Sometimes I have to go with my gut, and when I feel that something is wrong, I can't overlook it. Although I never wanted to do this and never have, I will now be "moderating" incomming comments as many other bloggers do. This means I will examine them first before publishing, and when I am away, this will delay the process some. I will NOT edit. They will either be published or not. (By mistake, one comment may have been accidentally deleted before I was able to review it, for this review process is new to me; if so, whomever made it, please feel free to resend). If they are not published, I encourage you to revise if you wish. I will not serve as your editor; I do not have the time for such.

I will not accept personal or sarcastic attacks against another. Nor will I accept offensively crude or profance language. I have NO problem accepting various points of view, no matter how much they disagree with my own. This is my way of protecting a sense of fair play for everyone who comes here and may wish to express an opinion without fear of being ridiculed or demeaned.

I am sorry it has come to this.


Anonymous said...

Exactly, If you want to read spiteful, arrogant, belittling comments, you can always bop on over to the legend's blog, and you'll also find clues to his bitter lonliness

Margaret said...

I believe he is a legend only in his own mind..LOL..He manages to run his readers off slowly but surely..If the ladies only knew what he has said about them in his private e-mails..

Anonymous said...

LOL, Margaret, and why is it that you are no longer Mrs. B ?
Oh MY God, the sufferring you must have endured, poor girl.
Did you ever get a word in edgeways without a spiteful reply?

Anonymous said...

Margaret, I just discovered this. Thanks for posting this; I am flattered.
Showbiz David