Friday, September 19, 2008

Portland Pirate Festival Sept. 20 & 21st in Cathedral Park, St. Johns, OR

Come experience the region's best musicians and entertainers, a vast marauder's market of pirate treasures, children's rides and activities, and international cuisine worthy of Blackbeard himself. It all takes place in historic Cathedral park alongside the clear waters of the Willamette, and framed by the majestic St. John's Bridge.
As the lingering smoke from the popular B.O.O.M. cannon show shrouds the beach, you'll see officers of the King's Navy mingling with stilt-walkers, jugglers, puppeteers, and wandering peformers of every variety. Enjoy a libation at the Rogue Brewery while you listen to Captain Bogg & Salty or Brothers of the Baladi. Head over to Scupper Monkey Island for free balloons, face painting, and incredible slides and rides.

Live Music
The Portland Pirate Festival has gained a reputation for bringing together the best eclectic musical performers in the Northwest, from the buccaneer rock of Captain Bogg & Salty to the scurvy ballads and chanteys of Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries.

Dance, juggling, and puppetry
From juggling to cannon battles, from live parrots to puppetry, the Portland Pirate Festival has something for everyone. You'll be immersed in the the best of pirate culture as Cathedral Park transforms into a bustling dock-side village full of wandering buccaneers, redcoats, clowns, jugglers, and balladeers. Between performances you'll be entertained by our favorite Buccaneer Emcee–the talented Mark Lewis

Scupper Monkey Island
The incredible Kraken devours a ship whole while revelers whiz down the 30 foot slides! The kids play area features several inflatable rides, plus the Clowns Unlimited 24-foot climbing wall. Attractions suit a variety of ages, from toddler to adult. Wandering performers, puppet shows, a family market, free tattoos, balloons, and more.

Cannons and Historical Re-enactments
Pirates, privateers, and redcoats patrol the beaches–and when they meet, swords clash and cannons boom! Will ye root for the King's Navy, or climb aboard with those notorious Privateers of the Emerald Rose, known as B.O.O.M. These freedom loving outcasts are sure to liven up the day as they relive The Golden Age of Piracy with mock sword battles and live cannon demonstrations.

Family Fun in Adventure Gully
Adventure Gully and nearby Scoundrel's Fight Court promise to be more fun than a ship-load of gold, with games and activities for the whole family.

Mix with wandering entertainers.
Witness a live sword fight at the Scoundrel's Court fight arena
Engage in contests of skill for the mind and body.
Join in on the wild fun with Rhys Thomas and Amazama in the BerCirqus.
Interactive strategy game Pirates of the Cursed Seas by WizKids

Marauders Market & Tortuga Market
All manner of pirate merchants selling their wares while roaming entertainers create a festive and bustling center of activity. This is the best pirate shopping you'll find in the Portland area, with hand-made crafts and garb, trinkets, and toys for kids and adults. But keep your eye out for the Kings Navy; they be hunting pirates.

Food fit for a Pirate King!
When it comes to food, pirates never had it so good! From Rogue Brewery to the Lost Liner Cafe, the region's finest restaurants supply their buccaneer best throughout the festival, providing a variety of eclectic NW flavors and brews that will have you coming back for more.

History Bazaar
The old world comes alive as pirates, buskers, craftsmen and blacksmiths recreate life in a make-shift island settlement. With hands-on historical displays and demonstrations to educate and entertain scallywags of all ages.