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Free Entertainment
Your money's no good at these fabulously free events and activities so come and watch one of our many performances scheduled among our 12 different stages located through out the Fairgrounds. There is sure to be something for the entire family and they’re all free with your Fair admission ticket!
Greg Frisbee Show
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 at the Lil’ Big Top
Watch The Greg Frisbee Show as he eats fire, juggles, and reads minds - all the while creating comedy for the whole family!

August 23, 24 - Disney Under the Stars
Add to can't miss list The 2008 Oregon State Fair and Bi-Mart presents “Under the Stars” show featuring Radio Disney AM 1640 on the L.B. Day Amphitheatre with Your Music Your Way. Performances will include music from the Jonas Brothers, Disney Channel Original Series-Camp Rock, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, and many more. For more information about the “free” show, visit
Radio Disney AM 1640 Portland is a 24/7 radio station devoted to kids, tweens, and families. Kids help pick the music that is played and are encouraged to interact via a toll-free line to the Radio Disney studio. The network’s current playlist, driven by listener requests and representing major record labels, includes recording artists Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, Corbin Bleu, Raven-Symone, Mithcel Musso, The Cheetah Girls, Jordin Sparks, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Daughtry, and Carrie Underwood.

There will be two shows - Both shows at 7pm:

August 24 - L.B. Day Amphitheatre - (Disney Under the Stars is the main act, the Show is FREE with your Fair admission ticket. )
August 23 - Pavilion (Disney Under the Stars is opening for Vanessa Hudgens)

Brandon Cash
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 on the Comcast Center Stage
Brandon Cash was born and lived in Johnson City, New York until moving to the Nashville area in 2000. His love for music was influenced by many recording artists like Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Waylon Jennings. Brandon now performs a tribute show and with his natural likeness.

In 1997 Brandon had the opportunity to play and sing with the legendary Man in Black Johnny Cash, an experience that has played a major role in his music today. Brandon emulates a true musical legend and renders a performance that Johnny would be proud of. His show is based on the early years of John's career which included the Tennessee three and the Carter family.

Hypnomania featuring Travis Fox
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 on the Familyville Stage
Enter into the depths of the imagination of your mind, and become the show-stopping celebrity of this creative display of hypnosis with Travis Fox.

Dan Daniella and Oregon Rain
Add to can't miss list August 22, 23, 29 and 30 on the Comcast Center Stage
Oregon is home for Dan, who has been writing and playing country music since he was a kid. He grew up playing several other music styles before finding a home with country.

Dan has been influenced by artists such as; Hank Williams Jr, David Allan Coe, Charley Pride, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, George Strait, Allan Jackson, Johnny Cash, Brooks & Dunn, And Garth Brooks!!!!

New Shanghai Circus
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 on the Familyville Stage
The New Shanghai Circus will surprise you with their amazing display of flexibility, agility, and acrobatics.

IGX Exhibit & Guitar Hero
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 between the Food Court and Funtastic Carnival
Located in the heart of the fairgrounds between the Food Court and Funtastic Carnival is the 2008 IGX (interactive game experience) display. IGX will be at the Fair all 11 days! Enter the Guitar Hero contest for a nightly two-hour tournament! Contestants will compete on a 42-inch Plasma exhibit, based on expertise levels.

IGX Exhibit - Located in the heart of the fairgrounds between the Food Court and Funtastic Carnival is the 2008 IGX (interactive game experience) display. IGX will be at the Fair all 11 days! IGX is dedicated to hardcore gamers of all ages. FREE for all to play! IGX offers screens of all sizes with game playing platforms such as; Playstation 2, Nintendo Game Club, Microsoft Xbox, Gameboy Advance, and PC. Games played include NASCAR, NCAA Sports, Mario, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, and Extreme Sports.

Daily Guitar Hero Contests & Last Day Championship! - Enter the Guitar Hero contest for a nightly two-hour tournament! Contestants will compete on a 42-inch Plasma exhibit, based on expertise levels. The winner of the night will receive a GH3 game, and be entered to compete in the championship to win a new Xbox 360, which will be held the last day of the Fair, September 1, 2008.

Sponsored by IGX

Schedule (pdf - coming soon)

Z100 presents the Guitar Hero finals. Join the fun, as the daily finalists will compete at the Comcast Center Stage for their Grand Prize! Z100’s DJ will be at the event to MC.

Jest in Time - Circus of Fools
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 at the Lil’ Big Top
Topper Todd, and Li Li Zucchini, two great physical comedians and jugglers to perform super sensational stage shows for the whole family to enjoy!

John English "The Voice"
Add to can't miss list August 24-28 on the Comcast Center Stage

Known as "The Voice," John has been singing professionally since the age of 19. He developed his love for Sinatra's music as a child, listening to his grandfather's 78 rpm records. Since then his career has taken him to numerous venues such as ...

...the Golden Nugget Casino in Reno, Nevada; San Francisco's plush Clift Hotel; the Space Needle in Seattle and Anchorage, Alaska just to name a few. He has also performed for numerous fund raising events benefitting the Boys and Girls Club and Jeff Gianola's Wednesday's Child Program.

Great American Duck Racing
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 in Familyville
Looking for something different? This new event to the 2008 Oregon State Fair is sure to make a huge “splash”! Bring the whole family and enter to race your “live” duck.

16 children and adults are chosen during each show to release the ducks in the race track. The winners of each race will receive a prize! After each show, enjoy hands-on interaction with the ducks…and break out those cameras for your photo opportunities.

Let's Pretend Circus "The CUTEST Show On Earth!"
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 at the Lil’ Big Top
Each show stars kids, ages four and up, and an adult from the audience. These Star Performers dress in costumes that quickly slip over their clothes and after just a bit of instruction they put on a 30-minute show with two professional entertainers.

Continuous audience participation, "wow factor" surprises, corny jokes and a serious purpose to build kids' self-confidence combine to create a truly memorable show!

Lil' Big Top
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 on the West Pavilion Lawn
Just for kids, ages 4 to 14! The Lil’ Big Top Stage will start each day with younger kids programs and entertainment, and will transition to tweens and teens in the evening hours! Don’t miss your chance to be the ‘star’ in a show, see comedians and jugglers, and then dance along with the Street Beat team!

Children’s theatre starring the audience in … ‘The Cutest Shows on Earth’ each show stars a dozen kids, ages 4 and up, and one adult from the audience. Don’t miss this fun and interactive theatre experience!

NPRA Rodeo – Free with Fair Admission!
Add to can't miss list August 28 and 29 at 6:30pm in the Historic Horse Show Stadium
Saddle up for the Oregon State Fair Rodeo at the historic Horse Stadium at 6:30 pm! We’re bringing back this great family tradition with two nights of rip-roaring fun. Children ages 6-10 may participate in the grand finale pig riot at the conclusion of each rodeo performance.

Are you “Tough Enough to Wear Pink?” Join us to help the fight of breast cancer on Thursday August 28th, 2008 at the Oregon State Fair Rodeo. Show your support by wearing anything Pink! This means YOU Cowboy!

Rodeo Event Descriptions:

Bull Riding
Bull riding is one of the more exciting - and dangerous - rodeo events. A rider sits atop a 2,000 pound bull holding onto only a rope.

The rope is wrapped around the bull's chest, just behind the front legs. One end of the rope, called the tail, is threaded through a loop on the other end and tightened around the bull. The rider then wraps the tail around his hand, sometimes weaving it through his fingers to further secure his grip. A bell attached to the rope excites the bull, causing it to buck harder, and acts as a weight that pulls the rope off the bull once the rider has released his grip.

Bull riding requires exceptional balance, upper body strength, flexibility and quick reflexes. Riders are not required to spur the bull, but it usually results in higher scores.

When the rider nods his head, the chute opens and the bull and rider explode into the arena, twisting and turning. The rider's goal is to stay atop the bull for eight seconds.


failing to stay on the bull until the eight-second whistle
touching the bull or his equipment with his free hand

Bareback Riding
Bareback riding is often considered the most physically demanding event in pro rodeo.

In this event, a cowboy must stay atop a bucking horse for eight seconds, holding onto nothing but a leather rigging that resembles a suitcase handle.

The rider is judged on his control and spurring technique. High scores are earned when the rider snaps his spurs to the horse's neck just before the animal's front feet strike the ground. This is called "marking out." The rider then pulls his spurs along the horse's neck or shoulders toward his rigging handle as the horse bucks into the air.


failing to stay on the horse until the eight-second whistle
missing his "mark out"
touching his horse, himself or his equipment with his free hand
if the rigging comes off during the ride

Tie-Down Roping
Tie-down roping requires more than quickness and accuracy with a lasso, it also requires the contestant to be an experienced horseman and a fast sprinter.

The calf is allowed a head-start out of the chute, which is determined by the size of the arena. At the advantage point, the barrier is released and the contestant takes off in pursuit of the calf.

The horse is trained to come to a stop the moment the rider throws his lasso and catches the calf. The cowboy then dismounts, runs to the calf and throws it by hand, also called "flanking." If the calf is not standing when the roper reaches it, he must allow the animal to stand before flanking.

After the calf is flanked, the roper ties any three legs together with a pigging string - a short looped rope he clenches in his teeth during the run.

While the contestant is doing all of that, his horse must pull back hard enough to eliminate any slack in the rope, but not hard enough to drag the calf.

When the roper finishes tying the calf, he throws his hand in the air to signal the judges. Then he remounts his horse and allows the rope to become slack. If the calf kicks free within six seconds, the roper will receive "no time."


10 seconds added to time for breaking the barrier
"no time" for missing the calf
$100 fine for jerking the calf over backwards

Team Roping
Team roping, which is the only true team event in Pro Rodeo, requires cooperation and close timing between the team members. The team consists of a header and a heeler - and don't forget their horses.

Team ropers start from a chute with a breakaway barrier. The steer gets a head start determined by the size of the arena. When the steer reaches the advantage point, the barrier is released and the ropers take off. The heeler trails slightly behind the header.

The header throws his lasso first and must make one of three catches on the steer - around both horns, around one horn and the head or around the neck. After this, the header turns the steer to the left and exposes its hind legs to the heeler. The heeler then attempts to rope both hind legs.

After both cowboys complete their tasks, the slack is gone from their ropes and both their horses face one another, then the clock stops.


10 seconds added to time for breaking the barrier
5 seconds added to time for roping only one foot

making an illegal catch

Steer Wrestling
Steer wrestling is the fastest sport in rodeo. The steer wrestler, also known as the "bulldogger" uses strength and technique to wrestle a steer to the ground as quickly as possible. Since the steer often weighs twice as much as the contestant, that's no simple task.

The bulldogger relies heavily on his "hazer", another rider that keeps the steer running in a straight line. Without the hazer, the steer could quickly veer away from the contestant, ruining the run.

The bulldogger starts off on horseback in a chute. A breakaway rope barrier is attached to the steer and stretched across the open end of the chute. The steer gets a head start that is determined by the size of the arena. When the steer reaches the advantage point, the barrier is released and the bulldogger takes off after the steer.

When the rider reaches the steer, they're often both traveling at speeds of 30 MPH. The bulldoger eases down the right side of horse, reaching for the steer's horns with his hands. After securing the horns in his hands, he leaves his horse and digs into the ground with the heels of his boots to stop the steer's momentum.

After he has the steer, it must be stopped, or "tuned", before it may be thrown to the ground. A steer is not considered "down" until it is flat on its side or back and all four feet are pointed in the same direction.


10 seconds added to time for breaking the barrier

Saddle Bronc Riding
Saddle Bronc riding is often considered Pro Rodeo's "classic" event. It is a test of balance, style, and timing.

Every move the rider makes must be coordinated with the movement of the horse. The cowboy's objective is a fluid ride that synchronizes his spurring action with the bronc's movements.

Points are awarded for the cowboy's spurring effort, the degree to which his toes are turned away from the horse and his control of the horse. Proper spurring, or "marking out", happens when both of the rider's heels touch the horse above its shoulders before its feet first hit the ground.

The saddle bronc rider holds onto a thick rein attached to his horse's halter. Using only one hand, the cowboy tries to stay on the horse and in his saddle.


failing to stay on the bronc until the eight-second whistle
missing his "mark out"
touching his horse, himself or his equipment with his free hand
if either foot slips out of a stirrup during the ride

Barrel Racing
Barrel racing has no judges, which means a rider's time is the only determining factor. This is the only women's event at the Puyallup Pro Rodeo.

The rider circles three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern as quickly as she can. A rider may touch, or even tip a barrel, but if one is knocked over, a five-second penalty is added to her total time. This penalty often knocks the best competitors out of the competition, since hundredths of a second often mark the difference between first and second place.

When the rider enters the arena, an electronic eye starts the clock. The clock is stopped the instant the horse completes the pattern.

Mounted Break-Away Roping
The roper is mounted on horseback with one end of his or her rope tied to the saddle horn by a piece of string. When the calf is released from the chute, the roper will be in hot pursuit with asso swirling above his or her head. When the loop is thrown, it must pass completely over the calf's head. As the calf pulls away from the rider and horse, the rope grows taut and the string will break away from the saddle horn.

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Purina Dog Show
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 Next to the Pavilion
Located next to the Oregon State Fair Pavilion building, the 2008 Purina dog show ring will a variety of shows for the whole family to enjoy…including the popular diving dogs!

Incredible Agility
Dogs and their handlers compete against the clock as they race through tunnels, leap over jumps and negotiate several other obstacles. Time is added for any faults made while on the course.

Incredible Freestyle Flying Disc
“Frisbee®” dogs and their handlers perform a two-minute routine timed to music. Competitors are judged on originality, dog skills and presentation.

Incredible Diving Dogs
Similar to a track and field as a “long jump” into water. The dogs leap off a 40’ dock to see how far they can jump. The current world record set this year at Purina Farms is 28’ 10”.

Incredible Head-to-Head 60-Weave Pole Racing
Dogs race head-to-head through 60 weave polls advancing their way to the championships. If a dog misses a pole it must go back and go through the pole(s) it missed

Schedule (pdf - coming soon)

Street Beat
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 at the Lil’ Big Top
Enjoy this dynamic and cutting-edge percussion that takes typical percussion to an entirely different level. Exciting, entertaining – you won’t be able to sit still!

Statewide Talent Contest
Add to can't miss list August 31 on the Comcast Center Stage
This classic State Fair contest will be held on Comcast Center Stage on Sunday August 31st, 2008. This statewide talent contest is the culmination of talent contests held at Oregon County Fairs throughout the summer. Each participating county will send their top candidates in one of three categories…children ages 1-9, youth ages 10-17 and adults 18 and over, to the Oregon State Fair to compete. Come see contestants perform throughout the day!

Date and Location

Date: Sunday August 31st, 2008 times to be announced.

Location: Comcast Center Stage near the food court area at the Oregon State Fairgrounds

How to Participate

Contestants must participate in a county fair talent contest with winners to be selected by their perspective county fair in order to advance to the Statewide Talent Contest. Individual county fair rules determine whether contestants in the county fair contest must be residents of the county or not.

Prizes and Awards

Prize and awards presented during a closing ceremony of the annual Talent Show!

More details on entering here

The Joe Stoddard One man, High Energy Music & Comedy Show
Add to can't miss list August 22 - September 1 on the Comcast Center Stage

Joe Stoddard's unique blend of music and comedy is so dangerously funny that his show comes with the warning, "People have been known to laugh the lips right off their faces." Along with his great sense of humor comes a deep rich baritone voice that adds to the mix and completes his wonderful combination of Music and Comedy.

Joe has performed with people like: Loretta Lynn, Pat Boone, Jim Stafford, Mickey Gilley, Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Rich Little and many, many others!

Veterans’ Day Parade
Add to can't miss list August 23 on the Concourse
More Info Coming

Veterans’ Day USO-Style Show
Add to can't miss list August 23 at the Comcast Center Stage
More Info Coming