Monday, July 07, 2008

Cirque Niagara Avaia

Cirque Niagara Avaia is an exciting new attraction I can hardly wait to see. Avaia blends equestian grace with acrobatic artestry in what promises to be an really visual show.

Here is some interesting information on Cirque Niagara Avaia from their press release:

AVAIA is a mystical journey into the abyss of time where ancient mysteries of the past engage with the innovations of the future. Above all, it is a celebration of life and of man's love for horses demonstrating the harmony between mankind and nature. While the horses move in a perfectly timed dressage, the infinitely creative mix of artistry, acrobatics and dance will astonish and spark the imagination. The artists not only defy the laws of gravity, they transcend the laws of nature as they unveil the secret wisdom of the future and of times past.

Creator Mairbek Kantemirov said "We created this show because we wanted to help people to think about why we live in this world and why you were born. We want the audience to come with us through history and in order to better understand what might be possible in the future. Our horses, are there as our partners, actors in the show much like any other performer, rider or cirque artist."
Creator Mairbek Kantemirov and Artistic Director Oleg Kantemirov are world renowned in the circus, theatrical and Russian film industry . They are both part of the great Kantemirov Circus Family Dynasty and their family was the first to create original shows combining acrobats with horses in a circus performance. Mairbek Kantemirov is an internationally acclaimed producer who has won numerous international awards. Oleg Kantemirov has performed in many Cirque du Soleil productions, and has over 25 years experience in both performing and directing.

The Kantemirov Family has been performing with horses in their live circus shows since 1871 and since 1947 in films, stadium and hippodrome shows. With Mairbek Kantemirov's guidance, they have engaged Russia's greatest equestrian theatrical riders, acrobats and cirque artists to create this show for which there is no comparison in either the circus or theatrical realm. Audiences will see some of the world's rarest breeds of horses carefully selected from Europe and Russia for this spectacular show.

The composer is Vasily Ksenin from the Russian Music Academy's "Gnesin Academy of Music" and has also composed for several productions at the Moscow Theatre. Choreography is by Vasily Ushenko of the Moscow Theatre and the Horse Trainers are Mairbek Kantemirov and Valeri Tichov.

Costume Design is by Irina Kazmina, who has designed costumes for the Bolshoi Theatre and by Tatiana Voloh who is a leading independent Russian fashion designer. Art Design is by Anatoly Lunin and Sound and Lighting Design is by Sound Box Productions, based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Cirque Niagara Avaia is a new $10 million production which features world-class Cirque performers and is specifically designed for Niagara. It is the fruits of a partnership between Niagara Parks and Cirque Niagara.
Starting this spring, two huge circus tents will help transform Rapidsview Park (across from Marineland) into a dynamic venue for visitors to see something really unique in Cirque Niagara Avaia.