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[The News-Sentinel, Wednesday, April 29, 1936]

DISPLAY NO. 1 - The Serenade of Spain - Participated in by more than 1,000 men, women, horses, elephants, yaks, and beasts of the forests and jungle . . . native singers . . . dancers and musicians. Staged by Rex de Rosselli.
DISPLAY NO. 2 - Positively the Greatest Single Array of Athletes and Gymnasts of Pantomime Who Combine Buffoonery With Supreme Tumbling and Gymnastic Feats. An Enormous Special Congress of Clowns Gathered This Year From Every Country on Earth.
DISPLAY NO. 3 - Educated Shetland Ponies - Highly trained Dogs - Siamese Elephant, Nubian Lion, Bengal Tiger Act by Harriet Beatty - Educated Dogs - and Tiny Performing Ponies.
DISPLAY NO. 4 - Ring No. 1 - A beautiful and Talented English Equestrienne, Miss Ernestine Clarkonian. Ring No. 2 - A Peerless European Rider Introducing Unusual Feats in the Equestrian Art, Miss Elizabeth Hanneford.
DISPLAY NO. 5 - Thrilling and Daring Aerial Gymansts, Easily the Greatest Single Array of Champions of the Lofty Horizontal Bars.
DISPLAY NO. 6 - An Exhibition of Outstanding Feats Performed by Four Great Troupes of the World's Most Remarkable Educated Sea Lions Marvelous Actors From the Deep. Presented by Jack Joyce, Albert Mann, A. Fleet and Walter Radde.
DISPLAY NO. 7 - An Astounding Array of th World's Foremost Aerial Athletes in a Lofty Mid-Air Tournament, Performing Seemingly the Impossible.
DISPLAY NO. 8 - The World's Largest Group of Performing Lions and Tigers Newly Recruited From Native Jungle and Mountain Fastnesses. The Most Startling Wild Animal Display Ever Presented In Which a Fearless Youth Presents His Uncanny Power Over the Most Ferocious of All Beasts, CLYDE BEATTY.
DISPLAY NO. 9 - Sensational Wild West and Rodeo Round-up Presented by the Foremost Champions of the Great Frontier and Wild West Exhibition of the Western Plains and Northwestrn Canada. Tex Elder, Climaxing This Frontier Day Exhibition, Jumping Two Horses Over a Flaming Automobile.
DISPLAY NO. 10 - Horizontal Bar, Swaying Table Pyramids, Prof. Curtis, the European Comedy Cyclone, Equilibrists , and LeRoy Bros., Gymnasts.
DISPLAY NO. 11 - Queen of Aerial Gymnasts, Who Will Amuse You With Her Wonderful Feats of Strength and Endurance. Suspended at Dizzy Heights This Miniature Marvel in Mid-Air Breaks Every Law of Gravity Casting Her Body Over Her Own Shoulder Scores of Times, Without Pause, Mlle. O'Dell.
DISPLAY NO. 12 - Presenting Three Great Troupes of Performing Elephants From Siam and India in a Single Display Enacted in the Three Rings. Elephants Who Dance the Carioca and the Continental.
DISPLAY NO. 13 - A Thrilling and Spectacular Array of Human Butterflies in a Vast Aerial Offering!
DISPLAY NO. 14 - America's Foremost Bareback Riders in a Sensational Exhibition of Hazardous and Unequalled Feats, THE DAVENPORT FAMILY.
DISPLAY NO. 15 - Matters of Mirth in a Hilarious Musical Festival.
DISPLAY NO. 16 - The Canadan Juvenile Wonder, HAROLD BARNES, Walking, Running, Dancing on a Swinging Wire. Then Letting His Lithe Body Sway Like a Pendulum Until the Arc of the Swing Brings Him Parallel With the Ground.
DISPLAY NO. 17 - Introducing the Greatest Liberty Act in Circus History in Three Separate Rings, Simultaneously Presenting Complete Companies of Performing Horses Trained by Europe and America's Three Premier Trainers, Jorgen M. Christiansen, Albert Hodgini and Joe Hodges. Easily the Greatest Equine Display of All Time.
DISPLAY NO. 18 - Wedding Bells Ring in the Parade of Mirth.
DISPLAY NO. 19 - The Most Thrilling High-Wire Act Ever Presented, As Incomparable Company of Intrepid Performers Whose Astounding Exploits Have Made Two Continents Gasp. Directly Imported From the Winter Garden, Berlin, Germany.
DISPLAY NO. 20 - The Triumphant Culmination of all Circus Athletic and Gymnastic Exhibitions - The Supreme Achievement in the Impressive Array of Daring Tumblers and Stalwart Athletes. A Vast Array of Performers Unexcelled in all Circus History.
DISPLAY NO. 21 - In the Dome of the Arena on a Slender, Swaying, Steel Pole, 125 Feet Above the Ground, An Amazing Spaniard Will Thrill You. This is the Last Word in Dangerous Exploits, The Great Floresque.
DISPLAY NO. 22 - On the Hippodrome Track and in Rings Nos. 1, 2 and 3, You Are Now Witnessing the Greatest Array of High Schol Horses in Amusement History. No Other Circus in the World Boasts of a Display Even One-Half as Large. Europe and America's Most Noted Mistresses of the Manage Who Have Won Countless Ribbons in Foremost Horse Shows Throughout the World.
DISPLAY NO. 23 - A Multitude of Amazingly Clever Clowns in all Parts of the Arena at the Same Time! A melange of Outstanding Funmakers.
DISPLAY NO 24 - A Great Company of Mid-Air Aerialists in a Thrilling and Breath-Taking Series of Astounding feats.
DISPLAY NO. 25 - Rome's Ancient Glory Lives Again - Magnificent Revival of Speed Duels on the Hippodrome Track, Including Roman Standing Jockey Race, Liberty Race and Fleeting Ponies With Simian Jockeys. No. 1 - Jockey Race. No. 2 - Shetland Ponies and Monkey Riders. No. 3 - The Riderless Horse Pitted Aginst the Jockey Rider. No. 4 Roman Standing Races.
- - - - - THE GRAND FINALE - - - - -



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