Tuesday, June 10, 2008


[The News-Sentinel, Tuesday, November 20, 1934]

The managerial family of Rochester's new circus is swiftly formulating, and already four or five of the officials have taken on their residency here. Clyde Beatty - world-famous lion tamer, and his wife, have leased the Mrs. H. O. Shafer home on [531] North Pontiac street, where he and his wife are now residing. Mr. and Mrs. Allen King, also of the new Cole Bros. Circus, will reside in Rochester just as soon as a suitable home can be secured for them. King, with his "Live Power" lion and tiger act was the stellar attraction at the Century of Progress during the '34 season.
Activity at the new winter quarters will get under way today when Beatty starts training the 40 big cats on new and sensational tricks for several weeks run at the Shriners Circus at Detroit this winter. Beattie has erected his portable aluminum training cage at the north edge of the cat building.
Several more lions and tigers will soon be added to the circus cat family and both King and Beattie will be busy for the next several weeks in whipping their thrilling acts into shape.
Along with the training activities at the quarters to be launched this week will be the school of 24 new ring horses and 21 ponies. These recently purchased animals were transferred from one of the Bradley farms to the circus barns Monday. The horses and ponies will be drilled by John Smith, veteran horse trainer of the Al G. Barnes shows, now affiliated with the new circus corporation.
Earl Lindsay, former secretary of Jess Adkins, during the time the latter was manager of the Hagenbeck-Wallace shows, arrived in Rochester Monday, where he is taking up a new clerical position with the Indiana Circus Corporation.
A crew of a dozen laborers is now at work near Burket, Ind., where a three-quarter mile section of the Winona Interurban line tracks and ties are being taken up for removal to the circus grounds, where side tracks from the Erie and Nickel Plate railwoads will be constructed.
Representatives of press from the South Bend and Logansport newspapers were at the inter quarters today taking pictures and obtaining data for feature stories in their respective papers.