Thursday, May 01, 2008

Moolah® Shrine Circus

The Shrine Circus is coming to town and you are invited to runaway and join the circus between May 1st and May 4th, 2008. Bring your whole family to the 66th Annual Moolah® Shrine Circus.

Come watch the hysterical clowns, and dazzling trapeze artists as they fly through the air. Touch the larger than life elephants while you ride them as a family. Taste the wonderful carnival treats. Listen to the deafening roars of the mighty lions and tigers. Be amazed as the circus takes over all of your senses. Make sure that you don't miss out on this once a year event by purchasing your tickets today.

Don't forget to come kick-start the circus with us during the parade through historic St. Charles on Saturday, April 26th at 12:00 PM. Come watch those amazing little Shriner cars in all the colors of the rainbow. Enjoy the tumbling clowns as they dance around the numerous floats and world renown marching bands.

The Moolah® Shrine circus is a St. Louis/St. Charles event for the whole family. Come join us in historic St. Charles for the parade and at the Family Arena for the circus.