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May 1st, 2012 A Day Without the 99% No Work – No School – No Housework – No Shopping.. Take the Streets on Tuesday!

..¨ Fear of immigrants was [sic] widespread in the United States. In this cartoon [titled ¨Where The Blame Lies¨ from 1891], published five years after the Haymarket Square riot and one year before the Homestead Strike, illustrator Grant Hamilton placed a judge scolding Uncle Sam: "If Immigration was properly Restricted you would no longer be troubled with Anarchy, Socialism, the Mafia and such kindred evils!" From New York Harbor behind them comes a horde of arriving immigrants labeled "German socialist," "Russian anarchist," "Polish vagabond," "Italian brigand," "English convict," and "Irish pauper." ¨ - The Library of Congress..

In a move reminiscent of Bush era fear-mongering, the Obama Administration has released to corporate media a vague bulletin warning of possible terrorist attacks on the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death. While the actual date of bin Laden’s death is May 2nd, many media outlets (including the Huffington Post, Fox News, the New York Post, and Gothamist) have reported the date as May 1st. In reality, President Obama announced the successful mission just before midnight on May 1st EST, but bin Laden was killed on May 2nd Pakistan time. The Associated Press, who were the first to report the bulletin, correctly cite the date as May 2nd.
While both the FBI and Dept. of Homeland Security (who released the bulletin), as well as the White House and top NYPD officials, have said there are no “credible” or “specific” threats, New York Congressman Peter King told local media the public “might notice increased security” on May 1st. He went on to say, “Obviously if police or anyone questions you or asks you questions, understand why it’s being done.” The same day, DHS Secretary Napolitano told a Senate hearing that her agency was helping coordinate local policing efforts:
During a Senate hearing Wednesday morning, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said DHS efforts "to get information, tools and resources out of Washington, D.C., and into the hands of state and local officials and first responders" have "led to significant advances" in protecting the homeland.
Meanwhile in Chicago, the Sun Times reports the head of the NATO Host Committee was “blindsided by the federal government’s decision to create a militarized ’Red Zone’ in the Loop [downtown Chicago]” weeks before the NATO summit, which is expecting massive protests from a coalition of Occupy, peace, labor, and immigration activists. The paper goes on to say (emphasis added):
The image of federal agents on downtown streets far from McCormick Place — in battle gear, weapons slung — three weeks before the summit is certain to have a chilling effect on those who live and work in the Loop. It also calls into question Host Committee Executive Director Lori Healey’s oft-repeated message that Chicago will remain “open for business” during the summit. [...]
The Federal Protective Service will deploy additional personnel beginning May 1, bringing in more people from out of town and outfitting them in “battle dress uniform.” They will be carrying “non-lethal” long guns — bean bag weapons — in a show of force that at the same time will allow people to move in and out of the zone freely, federal employees were told.
Just months after Obama signed the NDAA “indefinite detention” legislation into law, federal officials’ intentions to drastically increase security for May 1st conveniently coincide with the May Day General Strike in over 120 cities across the U.S. President Obama has already deported more immigrants than the Bush Administration; failed to close Guantanamo; does not meet the needs of the veteran returning from combat; continues to prosecute whistle-blower Pfc. Manning for taking an ethical stand by exposing horrendous U.S. war crimes; frequently invokes “state secrets” to carry out unaccountable, covert spying on U.S. residents; and continues the widespread use of unilateral drone strikes and targeted political assassinations. In response to the U.S. government’s escalating repression, thinly-veiled Islamophobia, and attempts to militarize our cities and borders while scapegoating immigrants, hereby issues our own warning: A Solidarity Warning to the 1% and their beneficiaries and bodyguards in government. The 99% will not be intimidated or divided. We will stand together and protect one another. We will not be terrorized. We will not be afraid.
Further, we reject any attempt to co-opt May Day -- an historic, international celebration of labor and immigrants rights -- by the government or media. For over a century, May Day has been a day of militant resistance against economic inequality. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the 1% used the imaginary threat of an immigrant-led Communist conspiracy to ensure May Day (which commemorates events in Chicago) would not become a federally-recognized holiday in the U.S., as it is in over 80 countries. Instead, they attempted to re-brand May 1st variously as Americanization Day, Loyalty Day, and Law Day. We must not let them do it again. Through the Red Scare to the War on Terror, we must honor the true history of May 1st. As we have seen countless times throughout history, we cannot rely on politicians from any political party to sincerely look out for our interests. They serve only the wealthy financial elite. We must stand together as the 99%.
However, we must also recognize that the State’s “anti-terrorism” efforts target particular communities within the 99%. This May Day, organizers are taking precautions to ensure the fullest protection possible for undocumented and/or criminalized communities who wish to exercise their right to free speech safely on May Day. See here for more information on ways everyone can take part in May Day festivities!

And remember: If you notice suspicious people in uniform carrying weapons or plotting to spread fear through well-coordinated violent attacks on civilians on May 1st, alert your local Occupy community. If you see something wrong with racism and vast income inequality defended by a militarized government in this country, say something with us in the streets this May Day!

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..Women in The Circus..part 2..Animal Diva's..

..Trudy Strong..

..Alexandra Probst..

..Rebecca Apponey..

..Petra Duss..

..Pat Jamison..

..Nellie Hanneford..

..Linda Wilson Herrmann..

..JoAnn Wilson..

..Karen Glenn..

..Patrica Zerbini..

..Peggy McDonald..

..Margaret Duke..

..The Circus Hall of Fame nominations are in..

Nominations are in. The International Circus Hall of Fame committees of circus professionals are carefully considering the 2012 nominees. Soon, we'll find out who will be awarded this great honor and enshrined below these two gentlemen

1958  Lillian Lietzel Aerialist Germany
1960  W.C.Coup Management USA
1960  James A. Bailey Clown & Management USA
1960  Fred Bradna Equestrian Director Germany
1960  P.T. Barnum Management USA
1961  Bird Millman Highwire USA
1961  John W. Ricketts Father of American Circus England
1961  William "Cap" Curtis Maintenance USA
1961  Charlie M. Sparks Management USA
1961  The Ringling Brothers Management USA
1961  Alfredo Cadona Flying Trapeze Mexico
1962  Thomas Poole Management USA
1962  Philip Lailson Management France
1962  Clarke Family Bareback Riders USA
1962  Jacob Bates Bareback Rider England
1962  Lucia Zora Animal Trainer USA
1962  Roy T. McDonald Clown USA
1962  James Robinson Management USA
1962  Charles T. Hunt Management USA
1962 Dan Rice Clown/management USA
1963  Irene Ledgette Performer USA
1963  Roland Butler Press Agent USA
1963  Sig Sautelle Management USA
1963  Adam Forepaugh Management USA
1963  Antoinette Concello Flying Trapeze USA
1963  Henry B. Gentry Management USA
1963  May Wirth Bareback Rider Australia
1963  Victor Pepin Rider USA
1964  Isaac Van Amburgh Animal Trainer USA
1964  Philip Astley Father of ModernCircus England
1965  The Lindeman Brothers Management USA
1965  Dexter Fellows Press Agent USA
1965  Albert J. Powell Trapeze & Contortions USA
1965  Oscar Lowande Equestrian USA
1965  Lalo Cadona Catcher Mexico
1965  Clyde Beatty Animal Trainer USA
1966  Charles Siegrist All Around Performer USA
1966  Con Colleano Low Wire Australia
1966  Orrin Davenport Acrobat USA
1967  Jorgen Christiansen Animal Trainer Denmark
1967  Ernestine Clarke (Baer) Bareback Rider USA
1967  Matthew Buckley Management England
1968  Ernest Millette Flying Trapeze Denmark
1968  William Heyer Animal Trainer Holland
1968  Elly Ardeltly Trapeze Russia
1968  "Poodles" Hanneford Clown Rider England
1969  Mabel Stark Cat Trainer USA
1969  Rudy Rudynoff Horse Trainer Germany
1969  The Pallenbergs Bear Trainer Germany
1969  Edna Christenson Animal Trainer USA
1969  Charles Bell Clown USA
1969  The Nelson Family Acrobats England
1970  Billy Smart Management England
1970  The Reiffenach Sisters Equestrians England
1970  Mayme Ward Flying Trapeze USA
1970  Ira Millette Balancing USA
1971  Karl L. King Musician USA
1972  Jules Jacot Animal Trainer USA
1972  Felix Adler Clown USA
1972  Pat Valdo Clown & Management Lebanon
1972  John Genter (Bonvaita) Animal Trainer USA
1972 George A. Hamid, Sr. Performer/Management Lebanon
1973  Hans Jahn Equilibrist Germany
1973  Otto Griebling Clown Germany
1973  Damoo G. Dhotre Cat Trainer India
1974  "Buffalo Bill" Cody Management & Cowboy USA
1974  Karl King Bandmaster USA
1974  Arthur Konyot Equestrian Hungary
1974  Tom Mix Management & Cowboy USA
1975  Tosca Canestrelli Bounding Rope Italy
1975  Merle Evans Bandmaster USA
1975  The Zacchini Brothers Cannonball Italy
1975  Alfred Court Animal Trainer France
1975  Winefred Colleano Solo Trapeze Australia
1977  William P. Hall Management USA
1977  Charles Moroski Animal Trainer Poland
1977  Massimiliano Truzzi Juggler Poland
1977  Floyd L. King Management USA
1977  George Hanneford, Sr. Animal Trainer England
1978  Dorothy Herbert Equestrian USA
1978  Terrell Jacobs Cat Trainer USA
1978  Justino Loyal Bareback Rider Italy
1978  Andres Atayde Management Mexico
1979  The Wallenda Troupe Highwire Germany
1979  Jack & Jake Mills Management Russia
1979  Stewart Craven Animal Trainer USA
1979  Janet May Aerialist USA
1980  Henrietta Kries Aerialist Germany
1980  Mollie Bailey Management USA
1980  The Holland Family Equestrians England
1980  Mac MacDonald Elephant Trainer USA
1981  Albert Hodgini Troupe Equestrians England
1981  "Cheerful" Gardner Elephant Trainer USA
1981  Count Roberto de Vasconcellos Equestrian Hungary
1983  Beverly Kelley Press Agent USA
1986  Hugo Schmitt Elephant Trainer Germany
1986  William B. (Bill) Woodcock, Sr. Elephant Trainer USA
1986  John Ringling North Management USA
1986  Jerry Mugivan Management USA
1986  Arthur "Hardtimes" Leonard Maintenance USA
1986  Charlie Rooney Boss Hostler USA
1987  Bette Leonard All Around Performer USA
1987  Micky King Aerialist Canada
1987  Irvin Feld Management USA
1987  Bertram Mills Management USA
1987  Karl Ahnert Maintenance USA
1987  Cyrill Mills Management England
1988  Col. Harry L. Thomas Equestrian Director USA
1988  Ed Millette Flying Trapeze USA
1988  The Loretta Twins Aerialists USA
1988  Bert Bowers Management USA
1988  Ed Ballard Management & Owner USA
1989  Lou Jacobs Clown Germany
1989  Peggy MacDonald Elephant Trainer USA
1989  Jack Smith Management USA
1989  Noyelles Burkart Management USA
1990  Catherine Hanneford Horse Trainer England
1990  Pinito del Oro Trapeze Performer Spain
1990  Cliff Vargas Management USA
1990  Ben Wallace Management USA
1991  Harold Alzana Highwire England
1991  W.W. Wilno Human Cannonball Germany
1991  Jess Adkins Management USA
1991  Zack Terrell Management USA
1992  John August Strong Performer/Management USA
1992  James M. Cole Management USA
1992  Victor Julian Yelding Performer England
1992  Felix Modesto Morales Performer USA
1993  Reuben Frances Carl Castang Animal Trainer England
1993  Charles Nock Swaypole Switzerland
1993  Benjamin C. Davenport Management USA
1994  Emmett Kelly Clown USA
1994  John Robinson Management USA
1994  Cristiani Troupe Performers Italy, USA
1995  Lotti Brunn (Chirrick) Juggler Germany
1995  Walter L. Main Management USA
1995  Lewis Sells Management USA
1996  Albert Rix Bear Trainer Germany
1996  Robert "Smokey" Jones Elephant Trainer USA
1996  Jerome Medrano Management France
1996  Knie Family Management Switzerland
1997  Annie Oakley Artist/Sharp Shooter USA
1997  Dr. Charles W. Boas Management/Owner Germany
1997  Thomas Taplin Cooke Management England
1999  Gunther Gebel-Williams Superstar/Wild Animal Trainer Germany
2000  D.R. & Isla Miller Management USA
2001  Heinz Erich "Charly" Baumann Wild Animal Trainer Germany
2001  Elvin Bale Daredevil England
2001  L. B. "Hoxie" Tucker Management USA
2002  Rudolph & Suzette Lenz Chimpanzee Trainers Netherlands/England
2003  William (Buckles) Woodcock, Jr. Elephant Trainer/Historian USA
2003  Hugo Zacchini Human Cannonball Italy
2004  Harold Ronk Singing Ringmaster USA
2004  Albert Schumann Horse Trainer/Showman Denmark
2004  Stephenson Family Dog Trainers/Performers England
2005  Gerard Soules Trapeze/Dog Trainer USA
2005  Edwin Trevor Bale Animal Trainer/Performer Denmark
2005  John Milton Herriott Animal Trainer/Ringmaster USA
2005  Miles White Spec Designer USA
2006  Kenneth J. Feld Management USA
2006  Francis Brunn Juggler Germany
None selected
2008 Thomas Robert Hanneford Comic/Bareback Rider/Circus owner USA
2008 Franz Furtner (Unus) Fore-Finger Stand Austria
2009 Cecil B DeMille Movie producer USA
2009 Paul Binder Performer/Management USA
2010 John Pugh Management/Owner USA
2010 Henry Ringling North Management/Owner USA
2011 Jack Ryan Press Agent/Writer USA
2011 Norman Barrett Ringmaster UK
                                                         May all your days be circus days!

..Women in the Circus..part 1..Animal Diva's.

..Eva Williams..

..Andrea Carr Jewell..

..Herta Cuneo..

..Gilda Cristiani..

..Jennifer Walker..

..Tanya Herrmann..

..Pat White..

..Carman Zander..

..Joy Holiday..

..Lletsira Corona..

..Mabel Ringling..

..Ursula Bottcher..