Thursday, October 08, 2009

....Ben Williams....

..Ben Harold Williams..
..Born: Jan. 18, 1953..
..Died: Oct. 2,2009..

....Benny was born on January 18th,1953 in Fort Worth,Texas..The son of elephant trainer Rex Williams and aerialist Barbara May..He is survived by his mother and step-father Barbara and William(Buckles)Woodcock, his step mother Eva(Corona) Williams; his wife Darlene; daughters Jennifer,Stormy, and Skye; one brother Shannon; sisters Darlene,Delilah,and Renee; three Grandchildren and one Great-Grandson..Ben died on Friday October 2,2009 of gastrointestinal cancer, he was only 56..There will be a gathering at Show Folks Club in Sarasota on November 14th at 4 PM..

Showmen's Prayer

O my God, I believe in you, I trust in you, I thank you for all my blessings. I love you and ask forgiveness for all my sins. Guide and protect me and all those dear to me. Make me mindful of my privilege as a showman to bring joy and happiness to all people...especially the poor, the lonely, the less fortunate. And when my last act on Earth is completed and the final curtain falls, take me to yourself to be happy with you forever. Amen.

....Rest in Peace my friend....


Anonymous said...

This is Ben's daughter, Stormy. He always told me the show must go on. Little did I know he lived by it. No matter how bad the cancer was he smiled every day 'til the last. Thank you to everyone.